Your Choices

Why should you buy organic? Today's market contains a plethora of processed food with artifical flavors and persevatives. Saddly, there are juices with more sugar than juice. Is this natural? We think not. Everyone knows that fruits and vegetables are essential to a balanced diet. Produce contain vitamins, minerals, and fiber in a raw and natural form that the body has been digesting for centuries.

We here at Row by Row disagree with how the produce market handles your fruits and vegetables and we raise ours a different way. Our produce is grown sustainably, where the soil is not sucked dry of nutrients, excess nitrates don't polute the public drinking supply, and the fruits and vegetables from our farms have not been coated in chemicals to keep their pretty colors.

Picture This

There is a place where the air is crisp and clean. A place where birds sing, grass grows green, and food tastes fresh. In this place, farmers grow healthy fruits and vegetables with only nature's gardening tools.

With Row by Row produce, we cherish our roots, conserve our natural resources, and offer you the harvest of our chemically-free raised produce. Row by Row is a co-operative of family farms in the Northeast that strives to bring only the wholesome food that we would feed our children to your grocery market and your table.

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