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Emily’s sticky buns are the best in the world – they even beat my mother’s recipe. – Klara, Arlington



Emily has provided us with so many tasty, healthy meals that can be reheated in minutes. Both my husband and I work and neither one of us feels like cooking when we walk in the door in the evening – Emily has given us something besides take-out. – Diane, Alexandria



I hired Emily for a nutritional cooking class and I learned some great tips for preparing healthier meals – bulk soy protein and mushrooms added to hamburger makes them healthier, barely affects the taste, and reduces the fat content. And flax seed – a natural cholesterol reducer – can be added to yogurt, muffins, and cookies with no odd tastes incurred. – Sonya, Bethesda



I commissioned Emily for my daughter’s 16th birthday cake and everyone loved it, especially my daughter. It was elegant and the two tiers provided more than enough cake for all of us! – Joy, Temple Hills