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Parties & Classes

According to USAToday, people who eat out consume 50% more calories, fat, and sodium than when they cook at home. In addition, those who eat at restaurant often miss out on the vegetables, whole grains, and beans that make up a healthy lifestyle and help reduce the risk of cancer. Eating at home allows you to select your desired nutritional benefits and helps prevent over-eating. But maybe you feel like your at-home repertoire of healthy meals is a little lacking? Let Emily come to your home and teach you some new skills. Specific classes include:


Mastering the Wok
Learn how to cook delicious stir-fries with a variety of fresh ingredients, as well as other meals, using the Wok.


Chocolate Workshop
Who doesn’t like some type of chocolate? Take this class with Emily and learn how to make delicate chocolates in a variety of types. Use your mad chocolate making skills to create custom gifts for friends and family, or simply whip up a batch to devour yourself.


Easy Vegetarian
Whether you are considering becoming a vegetarian for the health benefits, the animal welfare rights, or to help protect the environment, Emily can help you get off to the right start. Even substituting vegetarian meals 2-3 times a week has its benefits. Learn how to cook simple meals and get tips on how to work around using meat products.


Nutritional Cooking
This is Emily’s passion – so much of the food in the United States is processed and is simply not good for your body. Emily will teach you what to look for in the supermarket and then how to prepare it in fresh, healthy recipes.