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What is a personal chef?

A personal chef is a trained individual who comes to a client’s home to learn about their dietary desires, needs, and wants. Based on this consultation, your personal chef will be able to plan your customized menu each week. Together, you and your personal chef will then decide on a day when the personal chef can come to your home and cook your meals. On that day your personal chef will go shopping for ingredients, cook your meals, store them, and leave your kitchen sparkling clean and full of delicious aromas!



Who needs a personal chef?

Anyone who is too busy to cook and would like a healthier alternative to takeout



How and when do I pay for this service?

It is customary to pay for each service individually



Do I have to have a weekly service?

No, Emily is also available to teach cooking classes, or prepare food for your next party or event. Or you can even choose a gift basket filled with everything you’d need for a single meal.



Do you have to prepare the food in my house?

According to the current federal health regulations, as your personal chef Emily must prepare the food in your home. But she promises to leave the kitchen completely cleaned afterwards.



What do I need to have in my kitchen for you?

Emily requires only a little counter space, a working oven, stove, refrigerator, and freeze. She will also need some space in the refrigerator and freezer to store your prepared meals.


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